Startup ideas we're excited about

These ideas reflect our mission and values, as well as the market opportunities we've identified.


Technology-enabled sports experiences

Technology can be used to create innovative and engaging sports experiences for tourists and visitors. This includes virtual reality experiences, interactive exhibits, and other technology-enabled experiences that allow visitors to engage with local sports culture and heritage in new and exciting ways.

Cultural tourism certification

We want to ensure that tourism activities are respectful and sustainable, and that they benefit local communities. Companies could provide these certification services to tourism businesses, while also creating marketing materials and packages for high-end tourists looking for responsible and sustainable travel options.

Solving Africa's cybersecurity crisis

Africa faces a growing cybersecurity crisis. The continent's increasing reliance on digital technologies has exposed vulnerabilities, leading to cyberattacks, data breaches, and economic losses. Join us in addressing this urgent issue to protect Africa's digital future.

Innovating for the future

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