Get the Startup Visa in Canada

Application process

  • Onboard

    Invest in equity of an established startup. Immediate involvement in a running venture. We find suitable startups and ensure co-founder compatibility.

  • Initiate

    Submit permanent residence application for Canada. Our team guides you through immigration, securing your startup's future on Canadian soil.

  • Move

    Travel to Canada, establish business with co-founders. Immerse in Canada's startup ecosystem. We aid relocation, helping you embrace Canadian market opportunities.

Why relocate your startup to canada?

Thriving tech ecosystem

Canada boasts a growing technology ecosystem, particularly in cities like Toronto, and Montreal.

Access to funding

Several valuable accelerator programs are accessible to provide assistance to startups during their initial phases.

Global market access

Canada's multicultural society and diverse population can provide valuable insights and connections.

Economic stability

Canada's economy is diverse and resilient, which can provide a stable backdrop for your startup's growth plans.

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