We co-build and fund companies with African founders

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Startup Studio

Our team works with you on designing, building, and developing your tech product. We provide deep technical and operational support while helping companies build market-ready products.

Afronaut Studio
Afronaut Capital

Startup Capital

We invest in founders building early-stage tech companies in Africa. Our team brings operational expertise and has built a unique platform to help our portfolio grow and scale.

Frequently asked questions

Our small agency provides hands-on operational support including branding, web design, marketing and sales, legal and administrative, and financial support.
We split equity equally between Afronaut and the founding team if launching through our technical co-founder program. For investments, we target a minimum of 10% ownership.
You are eligible for funding if you are an African startup generating at least $50k in recurring annual revenue from software, SaaS, tech services, or a similar sector.
Non-dilutive funding refers to any form of financing that does not require the issuance of new shares or ownership dilution of a company. It is a funding source that provides capital without the need for the company to give up equity or control to investors.